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Book 2 Release News!

I’m beyond excited to announce that book 2 will officially launch this month!!!!

Be on the lookout for the release!

I have been waiting for this day since I first released book one. Book 3 is in the works and the audiobooks for 1 and 2 are in progress as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Book Fair

Who remembers book fairs from when we were kids? I know I loved them. I used to get excited to go and see all the new books, and to find ones I wanted to read and then the excitement of going home and telling my parents about the ones I wanted. Well guess what? I’m a part of one going on this month! Check it out and you can possibly win an Amazon gift card in the giveaway!!! Go check it out!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Book 2 Updates!

Exciting News! Book 2 is done with edits! It’s now with a few beta readers, and will be coming available for purchase very soon! I’m so excited for this to finally happen! It was rough getting this one finished. I was dealing with a lot of issues during editing. From job loss, and the pandemic, then finding a job, but never having the time energy to write/edit, and then finally having the time to do it, but no motivation. It’s been a long road, but it is finally complete. Now the work on the audiobooks will continue as I pour through hours of audio for book 1 and have my artist record the audio for book 2. Stay tuned, more is coming!!!

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Welcome Aboard!

So you found my web page…hopefully you found it ok. Was the traffic bad? I know, bad pun. I promise to not torture you with too many of those along the way. Seriously though, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been writing and working on my first series since 2018 and I finally decided to make the leap and get myself a website. It was a big step for sure, and I had to brush off my web design hat, because I haven’t done this in a while. So back to the reason you came here…you came for the stories right? Well I hope so, because I have so many to share with you. I hope that either my books or my personal stories I share on this very blog touch you, or help you in some way.

You’ll find various topics addressed in the blog, from family and children, to pets, or plans for the future be it personal or professional. I’ll also announce upcoming events, or contests I may host from time to time. All in all, I hope we have fun, and I’m happy to have you tag along for this journey with me.