Magical worlds you want to visit.

Characters that pull you in.

Imagination runs wild here.

When you open a book and begin to read, you should be transported to another world. Whether it be magical or mundane, a book should be an escape from the everyday grind. My goal is to capture your attention and hold onto it with every word, and with every turn of the page so you are always left wanting more.

That is my goal, and my promise to you the reader. To create both worlds and characters you can’t get enough of. To create characters you can love or hate, relate to, get attached to, and fall in love with. To create books that make you laugh and cry, and create memories you will always remember.

I’m JD, and I like to create fictional worlds for others to enjoy.

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“JD Penley set out to make a book about vampires that eschews the typical constructs of their stories. There is less identifying as a monster, or whining about what they are, and more chasing of mysteries and using the powers given to them in interesting ways. Penley manages to make No Peace in Death, the first volume in his Book of the Immortals series, a thrilling escape into a version of our world that we don’t often see. Penley also succeeds in crafting a vampire with incredible depth, and he brings his readers on an intriguing journey with him.

If readers are looking for a vampire-starring urban fantasy that delivers on both the origins of their vampirism, and the odyssey that has brought them to the present day, they need look no further than Penley’s story. The author has crafted a catching new vampire legend which won’t soon be forgotten by its fans. And with two follow-ups in the wings, there’s no better time than now to dive in. “

– Michael DeAngelo creator of Tellest